Carlos Machado shakes 'Amor vida' in a love triangle with Valdirene

Publicado em 07/08/2013

At the age of 48, Carlos enters in the plot as a millionaire who falls in love with Tatá Werneck's character and might become her son's father.

Carlos Machado está com incríveis 48 anos (Foto: Isac Luz / EGO)

The couple Carlos Machado and Tatá Werneck promises a lot of laughs to the “Amor à vida” viewers. The actor enters in the 9pm soap Opera this coming thursday, 7th, to play Ignácio, a millionare who falls in love with Tatá Werneck's character, Valdirene, making a love triangle with Carlito, Anderson Di Rizzi. Ignácio will propose to Valdirene and she will be surprised when she finds out that she's pregnant, To her father, however, will be a mystery. “How is she going to have sex with Ignácio and with this clown, this child's paternity is going to be a mystery”.

The hilarious moments won't be only in the dialogues, but especially in the height difference between them. Carlos is 1,9m (6'2") tall and Tatá, 1,52m (4'11"). “When we were filming I used a few tricks, like kneeling close to her. Once I tryed to hold her on my lap and it felt like she was a little baby”, states the actor. 

In the backstage Carlos and Tatá became great friends. After they started working together, they found out that they have a great friend in common, and without knowing, they had been together before, in the funeral of her brother. “We found that out during the filming days, when we were talking”, he said..

At the age of 48 (but with a 30 years old look) Carlos was hand-picked to play Valdirene's conquer. He daily practices sports and hasn't eaten red meat for 25 years. His diet is based on fish, vegetables, greenery and whole food. "I am usually invited to lecture young actors and I always emphasize how fundamental is to sleep well, to avoid drinking, to practice sports and to have healthy nutrition. That's the way I feel like I'm still 20"

His girlfriend, Ivy Rocha, shares the same habits with him. She hasn't eaten red meat for 10 years. And in the Corrida da Esperança (Race of Hope), promoted by Rede Globo on sunday, 4th, in São Paulo, Ivy completed the 5km (3.17 mi) route in 19 minutes. They are so in tune, that they're going to get married in September, in New York. “It is so good when you finally meet someone who thinks like you, and you're in tune with and, especially, have the same habits. We're getting married in the US, where my younger sister, Denise lives. And within three years we want to have a kid”, plans the actor.

Carlos Machado cuida da beleza com alimentação e exercícios (Foto: Isac Luz / EGO)

O ator no condomínio onde mora, no Rio (Foto: Isac Luz / EGO)

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